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Welcome to Mount Barker Kindergarten

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At Mt Barker Kindergarten educators work in partnerships with families and the community to ensure all children are provided with the best opportunities to develop and learn. We provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment using a curriculum that encourages a spirit of inquiry and lifelong learning through play.

Our philosophy is based on our vision and our motto - “Play Learn Grow.

The essential ingredients to play, learn and grow is through our involvement of providing a high quality, safe, inclusive play based supportive preschool curriculum in partnership with our communities.

Communities include parents,caregivers, children, local town communities and our ‘feeder’ schools, Child Care Centre’s, playgroups and the spectrum of Child Youth and Health services servicing the Mount Barker area.

Our philosophy defines our values of trust & respect; nurturing & caring; responsibility & empowerment, which is the foundation of quality early childhood education.

Trust & Respect:

Gives young children the confidence to explore and take considered risks

Nurturing & Caring:

Children learn about care and consideration for others. They begin to see alternate points of view & act in respectful ways

Responsibility & Empowerment:

Children strengthen their ability in initiating & accepting some responsibility for themselves, their actions & their environments

We strive to continually improve our everyday practices to provide quality care and education by:

Actively practicing our agreed team values of:


We acknowledge that the land Mount Barker Kindergarten is built upon is the traditional ancestral land of the Peramangk People. We acknowledge the deep feelings of attachment and relationship of the Peramangk people to this land and their ongoing custodianship. We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people visiting from other areas of South Australia or Australia present here.